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Happy Monday! Today’s Monday Mention’s focused on organized living! We at lifestyle dedicate ourselves daily to transforming spaces. Incorporating function, innovation, quality, colour, design, and practical storage solutions for your home interior.

Whether you are seeking storage solutions for your kitchen, bathroom, or interior home, with our 5-step process, your odd location or challenging project can and will transform into a stunning storage-sufficient sanctuary.

It is a well-known fact that designing for small spaces and organizing can be a tricky task. We at Lifestyle Kitchen Boutique strive to challenge ourselves daily on creating designs with organization and storage solutions in mind.  Curious about how to maximize your interiors storage potential? Be sure to continue reading as you get an in-depth designer’s guide to maximizing your home interior’s storage potential- key to organized living.

As a current designer working for Lifestyle Kitchen boutique, I have created a list of the top best tips and tricks for maximizing your home interior storage potential. This blog provides a great variety of recommendations from storage solutions of corner cabinets, tall, wall, to sink cabinet modifications. These design tips and tricks ensure functional, practical designs that last.


Lifestyle Kitchen Boutique takes pride in our high-quality products, Miralis cabinets being no exception. With almost 20 years alongside Miralis, our clients receive cabinets full of character, and irresistible charm, made of the highest quality materials, free from defects that affect the intended purpose.


Base cabinets have a habit of becoming cluttered and messy. Our recommendation for maximizing your base cabinets storage potential and longevity, is include drawer organizers, sink mats and pullout drawers!. These 3 Design and organization tips will transform your cluttered, stacked disaster, into an accessible and practicable organized space.


Drawers can become scattered disasters. Our First Base cabinet recommendation for an organized drawer would be include utensil organizers and drawer organizers/dividers. The addition of the AMBIA-LINE products to your base cabinets’ will ensure organized living no matter the interior space.


Secondly, with the addition of pullout drawers, your  base cabinets’ once-wasted space will transform with maximum storage. Our Designer recommendation is the Legrabox grey pullout drawers by miralis. This sleek modification provides functional, practicable storage solutions.


  • This Cabinet Addition is just one of the many benefits of Miralis cabinetry, where quality is never a customer concern.
  • All sink base cabinets automatically include a waterproof removable and washable cabinet mat.
  •  (Prevents warping and damage to the frame of the cabinet).


Not only does Miralis offer high-quality cabinets, but they also provide sufficient bin-storage solutions. With the wide selection of bin add-ons from legraclean, to family clean hampers, the messy tasks no more, thanks to these sleek and practical systems.

Check out these bin solutions for all the dirty tasks at hand!


These Designer tips revolve around tall and wall cabinets. The storage possibilities around these cabinets are endless. Below is a list of our top modification/add-on picks!

  • To maximize your tall cabinet and wall cabinets storage, we recommend pop-out doors. These doors allow full access to the originally hard-to-reach places and prevent scratch marks or bumping that could happen with other cabinet doors.
  • Another Design tip: Add-ons like roll-out legrabox grey shelves with a glass insert. These sleek-practical roll-out solutions allow tall cabinets’ storage to be accessible and easy to see.




Like Tall Cabinets’ Wall cabinets can be stacked disasters and problematic. Lifestyle Kitchen boutique recommends wall modifications/ additions to maximize your storage potential.

To ensure maximum storage, we at lifestyle recommend:

As mentioned previously, A great addition to wall cabinets is door modifications. Modifying your door opening mechanism will guarantee a unique design with easily seen and reachable storage.

Finally, our last recommendation Is in addition to pop-out-doors. Another great storage solution is 110% door opening mechanisms, re-defying Modern Living and surpassing conventional left-right cabinet doors.


Corner cabinets have a habit of becoming cluttered and messy. With these Designer Tips, your cluttered, stacked disaster will transform into an accessible and practicable organized space.

Firstly, Corner Cabinets in a kitchen can be problematic if not designed properly. Corner Cabinets often become wasted space with inaccessible shelving,  and dust magnets. Whether you choose blind-corner cabinets or 90% corner cabinets, these design tips ensure maximum storage and organized living no matter the unit.


Firstly, Blind-Corner Cabinets often become storage for dust and have inaccessible shelving. Lifestyle Kitchen Boutique recommends to maximize your blind cabinets storage, you should add a  lemans system. This Multifunctional and multilayered storage solution is the perfect addition to your space, with a variety of colours and materials to choose from.

  • LEMANS: The Lemans system not only prevents back pain from bending and stretching at those hard-to-reach places, but the lemans2 re-invents practical, easy storage brought right to you.



With Easy Reach or 90% corner cabinets, storage can become rather cluttered and insufficient. Secondly, to maximize your corner cabinets’ storage potential, our recommendation is to add a super-Susan system to the interior of your corner cabinets. This practical, functional system not only eases pain from bending for those hard-to-reach areas but also enhance your storage to triple in size.

  • SUPER-SUZAN: The Super-Suzan, although, does not extend out of the cabinet. However, the system is a practical and storage-sufficient system, with a rotating, 2-tiered storage system, adding the perfect addition to your organized living.



Lifestyle Kitchen Boutique embraces challenges and tackles them face-on. Striving for welcoming customer-service, and high-quality products, with our 5-step process, your odd location or challenging interior can and will be transformed into a dream destination, organized for your lifestyle. 

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It is a great way to stay informed on current design trends, styles and as a source of inspiration for future projects.

Stay tuned for our next Monday Mention! Until then, stay safe, happy, and as always inspired!

See you next week!





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