2021 Fall Interior Design Trends

These Interior Design trends are making the biggest comeback this Fall 2021.

Debating renovating your space? Lifestyle Kitchen Boutiques award-winning designers can and will transform your home into a modern masterpiece. By incorporating function, quality, colour, design, and practical storage solutions, your space transforms into a mesmerizing Interior.

Happy Monday! What better way to start your week than a good quality Lifestyle Kitchen Boutique Blog!

Today’s Monday Mention’s on  2021 Fall  interior design Trends. Through this blog we showcase current designs and recently sold projects at Lifestyle Kitchen Boutique. These Stunningly mesmerizing designs feature the high-quality cabinets by Miralis and the stunning and durable countertops by Cambria Quartz.

As one of the designers working behind the scenes, the overall designs and process’ have me speechless! These designs are just too great, not to mention!

To better understand the thought process of our talented designers, be sure to continue reading! Our 2021 Fall Interior Design Trends were picked by reviewing and analyzing interior trends from previous years, comparing with trends found via Google search and retail sites.

Whether you go with them or not, these are the Biggest Interior Design Trends for Fall 2021 that we think are worth taking into consideration.


    • Our First Fall 2021 Interior Design Trend we recommend for your home interior is Room Dividers!
    • Open concepts encourage socialization and interaction! Causing a stigma around the idea. Although open concepts aren’t looking like they will be a bold statement this fall 2021, adding a room divider to your space can transform, a once overly open design.
    • A open floor plan shouldn’t scare you! with the incorporation of room dividers and even feature walls; this trend will transform your space and provide sufficient privacy, while still promoting socialization.

This Modern design incorporates a stunning custom-built room divider separating the dining room and living room.



Our second Interior Design recommendation for a Perfect Fall 2021 interior is earthy warm tones. Warm Tones add the perfect addition to any space. Whether deciding on a modern design, industrial or traditional, warm and earthy tones can provide such a cozy feeling, which is most desired on a cold fall or winter night.


Our third Fall 2021 Interior Design Trend for improving your home interiors is incorporating Natural materials into your design. 
Yep we said it! Let your Natural side out. Using Natural Materials like wood and natural fabrics not only will make you feel better about your purchase, but natural materials and fabrics can be the perfect addition to the cold fall and winter weather.

Our forth Fall 2021 Interior Design trends is  incorporating creative or hidden storage into your design. Although this may seem like common sense, this tip is a major 2021 trend, that sure isn’t going anywhere soon.  A once cluttered space, now transformed into a functional and beautiful interior. 


Our Fifth and Final Fall Interior Design trend for 2021 is textured walls.  Textured walls and furniture are making a huge comeback this fall and we at Lifestyle are here for it!

Check out some of these designs utilizing texture throughout… #DesignedPerfectly

These designs not only enhance the spaces purpose by adding storage, they also enhance the beauty and uniqueness to the space.

Simply Perfect and  Unique



Lifestyle Kitchen Boutique takes pride in our high-quality products, Cambria quartz and  Miralis cabinets being no exception. With almost 20 years alongside Miralis, our clients receive cabinets full of character, and irresistible charm, made of the highest quality materials, free from defects that affect the intended purpose.



At Lifestyle Kitchen Boutique, quality has and never will be a client’s concern.

We develop spectacular designs with state-of-the-art technology creating realistic high-resolution renderings and a design tailored to your needs. Each item is custom-designed meticulously and carefully to ensure that each photo represents and portrays the best solution for space.

Lifestyle Kitchen Boutique embraces challenges and tackles them face-on. Striving for welcoming customer-service, and high-quality products, with our 5-step process, your odd location or challenging interior can and will be transformed into a detailed dream destination catered for your needs no matter the Lifestyle. 

“Monday Mentions” Our new blog series has our talented designers’ sharing their current/proudest projects and moments with you. We dive straight into the core concepts of these spectacular designs that are taken place at Lifestyle Kitchen Boutique. The series will also provide tips, tricks and is a great source to stay informed on current design trends and styles.

Stay tuned for next week’s Monday Mention! Until then, stay safe, happy, and as always inspired!

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