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Debating renovating your space? Lifestyle Kitchen Boutiques award-winning designers can and will transform your home into a masterpiece. By incorporating function, quality, colour, design, and practical storage solutions, your space transforms into a mesmerizing spa-like retreat.

Happy Monday! What better way to start your morning than a good quality Lifestyle Kitchen Boutique Blog!

Today’s Monday Mention’s on 2021 bathroom interior design trends. We showcase designs and recently sold projects at Lifestyle Kitchen Boutique. These Stunningly tranquil bathroom designs feature the high-quality cabinets by Miralis and the stunning and durable countertops by Cambria Quartz.

As one of the designers working behind the scenes, the overall designs and process’ have me speechless! These designs are just too great, not to mention!

To better understand the thought process of our talented designers, be sure to continue reading! Not to mention this blog will provide a list of materials, products and possible appliances used to transform and create these gorgeous designs. 



Firstly, Lifestyle Kitchen Boutique takes pride in our high-quality products, Cambria quartz and  Miralis cabinets being no exception. With almost 20 years alongside Miralis, our clients receive cabinets full of character, and irresistible charm, made of the highest quality materials, free from defects that affect the intended purpose.



It is a well-known fact that designing bathrooms and organizing the space can be a tricky task. We at Lifestyle Kitchen Boutique strive to challenge ourselves daily on creating designs with organization and storage solutions in mind.

Interior Bathrooms Designed to Perfection

When Designing for interiors, Specifically bathrooms, Lifestyle Kitchen Boutique encourages details. 

With Integrated lighting, handleless wall-mounted vanities, tiles and multi-function spaces, no design’s left looking undone!

Our talented selection of awarding designers ensures practicable, functional, high quality and aesthetically pleasing designs that last. Lifestyle Kitchen Boutique believes details are not just small additions; details are the design.

As a current designer working for Lifestyle Kitchen boutique, I have created a list of the top best tips and tricks for detailing your home interior. These design tips and tricks ensure functional, practical designs that last.

These designs have us speechless! Check out these stunning designs and close-up shots by Lifestyle Kitchen and Bath Inc.

Now those are bathrooms!

For more on these bathroom designs, check out our portfolio page!



The First Bathroom recommendation to make your home look like a cohesive masterpiece designed by a pro is Floating vanities. Whether modern, traditional or industrial design. Floating Vanities make a stunning addition and statement to your home interior.

Floating vanities, also knowns as wall-mounted vanities: transform small spaces into bright and open retreats.


The Second Bathroom recommendation to make your home look like a cohesive masterpiece designed by a pro is Quartz Counters.

Quartz- scratch and stain-resistant natural material: most commonly used amongst designers for kitchens and bathroom designs. This non-porous anti-bacterial stone creates a perfect countertop surface for prepping and cleaning.



The Third Bathroom recommendation to get your house designed to perfection in 2021 is Integrated Lighting!

Integrated Lights: from backlit mirrors, led mirrors and strip lights, bathroom designs are transformed into bright heaven, no matter the size or style.


Our Fourth Bathroom Design tip to get your home perfect for 2021 is handle-less vanities.
This Sleek and minimalistic design is perfect for enhancing your interior, adding the perfect amount of character and a effortlessly elegant  millwork design.

  • The Modern design incorporates beautiful clean lines flowing perfectly throughout. Although this rather subtle element enhances the beauty of the concept, clean lines complete the overall design.
  • In this case, Less is more.. and We Love it!


Our final 2021 bathroom design recommendation for improving your home interiors is incorporating vessel sinks into your design. This tip ensures a beautiful spa-like bathroom. These sinks add the perfect amount of elegance to the already gorgeous design.



At Lifestyle Kitchen Boutique, quality has and never will be a client’s concern. We develop spectacular designs with state-of-the-art technology creating realistic high-resolution renderings and a design tailored to your needs. Each item is custom-designed meticulously and carefully to ensure that each photo represents and portrays the best solution for your space.

Lifestyle Kitchen Boutique embraces challenges and tackles them face-on.

Striving for welcoming customer-service, and high-quality products, with our 5-step process, your odd location or challenging interior can and will be transformed into a spa-like bathroom retreat catered for your needs no matter the Lifestyle. 


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