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Monday Mention

Happy Monday! What better way to start your morning than a good quality Lifestyle Kitchen Boutique Blog!

Today’s Monday Mention is a recently sold project of ours at Lifestyle Kitchen Boutique. The Stunningly cohesive Condo Kitchen with White Miralis Cabinets and stone-grey countertops by Caesarstone.  

As one of the designers working on this project behind the scenes, it has been such a wonderful project and journey, full of excitement. The overall design and process had me speechless! This project is too good to leave out.

To better understand the design concept and thought process of the talented designers, be sure to continue reading! Not to mention a list of all the materials, products and appliances used to transform and create the cohesive condo white kitchen fantasy! 


In one of our recently sold designs, we transformed the original divided layout. The Original design served its purpose but was not as current as the homeowners would like and did not match the breathtaking view of the condo. Through our 5-step process, a design prosed to remove an existing interior wall to take place, creating an open concept.

The once outdated and divided layout transformed into a mesmerizing white modern kitchen. A design so extraordinary, forming the cohesive modern condo, utilizing efficiency, quality, colour, and overall design.

The goal for this design was to connect the kitchen, living room, and hall with a bright and open concept. The living room connecting beautifully with the kitchen and is complemented with a stunning electric fireplace by Napoleon and paired with the gorgeous stone-grey tile by Caesarstone.

The overall design, appearing bright and airy, complementing the breathtaking view that is the condo. This design transformed the original-divided and outdated space into an up-scale spacious and cohesive masterpiece.

The stunning white modern kitchen undoubtedly enhanced the layout, transforming it into a spacious open concept, catered to the homeowners’ needs and wishes.


Cohesive Modern White Kitchen Condo

The Cohesive condo Design complements the breathtaking view, designed with the clients in mind. The design was to be Bright, open and storage sufficient, ensuring a sleek and organized space.

This design ensures an open concept, promoting socialization and interaction in every room, from every view, while still providing enough division.


This design transformed the original divided space into an up-scale spacious masterpiece, creating an interior tailored towards the clients’ needs and wishes.

The Meticulously thought-out materials and elements were implemented into the overall design, ensuring the formation of a cohesive condo. Look at the colour scheme for the design and check out the thought process behind our selection.

The colours implemented throughout the design were white, wood tones, chrome, and glass, not to mention the addition of coloured accessories.

Now we know you are dying to find out more! Let’s get right into our selection of colours and dive deep into the theory behind them.

White: Incorporated throughout the design. Specifically through the furniture and cabinetry, creating a stunning contrast between the dark engineered-wood floors, enhancing the gorgeous white Tribeca Doors by Miralis.

Dark-brown: The integration of dark-coloured wood was into the design as flooring. A stunning dark rustic engineered hardwood with groove details and burl effects ensures the design’s full of texture. In addition, the dark wood provides subtle character to the design and a balancing contrast between the countertops and white cabinets.

Accent colours are incorporated throughout the design to ensure a seamless design that flows with the condo’s layout, enhancing and supporting the importance of the overall design and beauty of the space.


These stunning Miralis white kitchen cabinets do wonders to the interior space, creating a bright and effortless appearance to the room and transforming the original design into something so breathtakingly beautiful.

These gorgeous Tribeca doors by Miralis are paired so perfectly with a Caesarstone classic “stone grey” 4030 and complementing the stunning fireplace by Napoleon. The fireplace is viewable in the living room and kitchen, doing wonders to this space, truly transforming the interior into a bright and spacious condo. The condo design features stunning dark Hardwood (engineered) flooring underneath. This Engineered flooring adds the perfect amount of colour contrast against the White modern cabinets and Stone-grey countertops and tiles. The gorgeous groove detailing in the flooring adds the perfect amount of charm and character to the home. The incorporation of glass, chrome and the selection of contrasting paints truly allow the handpicked products and overall design to speak for themselves.

With these elements, and materials the white-modern kitchen and stunning custom feature wall create the space into a spacious modern masterpiece for the homeowners to enjoy and call their own.

Here a list of all the high-quality products used to create this spectacularly designed Modern Cohesive Condo.

-Miralis Cabinetry: The stunning selection of cabinetry are-sourced from the high-quality cabinetry manufacturer Miralis. The products have a 100% lifetime warranty, ensuring our clients receive the best quality products and designs built to last a lifetime.

MDF-Solid Lacquer- Tribeca Door (White)

K24-Dalta: This Gorgeous Grooved Wood by Miralis is used through the design, implemented as an Accent through the top trim and glass cabinet frames. This wood provides the perfect amount of character and contrast between the stunning white Tribeca cabinets.

-Caesarstone Stone Grey 4030: This stunning grey stone by Caesarstone compliments the cabinets wonderfully and enhances the richness of the design. Stone Grey (4030)- Utilized throughout the creation of this cohesive condo. This stunning quartz slab is used as the kitchen countertop and introduced into the living room as the feature-wall tile surrounding the mesmerizing flames of the napoleon fire.

– Fireplace by Napoleon: This stunning bold electric fireplace provides a beautiful feature to the condo and the perfect amount of warmth and excitement to the overall design.

-Engineered Hardwood Flooring: This Dark wood is incorporated into the design as the condo’s flooring, complementing the furniture and cabinetry used in the design.

Jenn-Air Appliances-
Affordable and Durable! Just the way we at lifestyle like it!


At Lifestyle Kitchen Boutique, quality has and never will be a client’s concern. With the hand-selected products and materials like the White Tribeca cabinets, this design is no exception.

We develop spectacular designs with state-of-the-art technology creating realistic high-resolution renderings and a design tailored to your needs. Each item custom-designed meticulously and carefully to ensure that each photo represents and portrays the best solution for space.

Lifestyle Kitchen Boutique embraces challenges and tackles them face-on. Striving on friendly and welcoming customer service, high-quality products, with our 5-step process, your odd location or challenging interior can and will be transformed into a dream destination.

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