Spectacular Multi-View Gas Fireplace Design

Have you decided or are you considering renovating your living room, kitchen, bathroom, or interior space?

Whether you are going for country, contemporary, traditional, or modern, following our 5-step process can make an odd location or challenging project into a magnificent multi-view dream.

It’s a well-known fact that fireplaces can be a great addition to your home, providing great division and privacy. Not to mention, adding a fireplace into a large wall can transform a divided space into a spacious open concept… I mean just look at this design! Stunning!

Monday Mention

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Today’s Monday Mention is a current project of ours, at Lifestyle Kitchen Boutique 

 A Spacious Multi-View Gas Fireplace Feature Wall Dream.

As a Designer working behind the scenes for this project, it has been such a joy and fun experience, the overall design and process had me speechless! This project is just too good to not mention. 

In one of our current projects, we’ve transformed the original design layout. The design proposed for the removal of the existing fireplace and wall to take place, exposing the house’s support beam.

Rather than covering the beam up or viewing it as an obstacle, a unique design was created, and a spacious multi-view dream was formed.
Utilizing efficiency, materials, quality, colour, and design.

Our goal for this design was to connect the dining, living room, and stairs with a stunning fireplace feature wall. The Feature wall is viewable from all three areas, serving a mesmerizing warmth every step taken. This design transformed a divided space into an upscale spacious masterpiece.

This project undoubtedly enhanced the space not only opening the main floor up to be a spacious open concept it also provided the homeowners a space full of character, and a design catered to their needs and wishes.


The 3-View Gas Fireplace Design merges into the staircase wall where a Chrome Railing bar is placed below the fireplace and incorporated into the spectacular feature wall.

The upper stairs include a stunning sturdy glass railing, with a chrome rail bar attached to the glass. The glass railing continues the sleek spacious design while providing functionality, practicality.

The Multi-view Gas Fireplace By Napoleon does wonders for the interior space. The Fireplace design has a specially built non-combustible frame, where we’ve to place it 6″ from the wall, ensuring a heatless passage through the stairs and throughout the space.

A great feature about the Ascent multi-view gas fireplace is the double glass design, adding an extra layer of protection and depth to this multidimensional dream

This design ensures an open concept, promoting socialization and interaction in every room, from every view, while still providing enough privacy and division.

This Spacious Multiview Gas Fireplace Feature Wall Dream Design.

Utilizes and embraces the supporting beam by embracing the color and transforming the original bulky hollow wall into a Gorgeous 3-view fireplace feature wall integrated into the staircase. Our goal for this design was to connect the dining, living room, and stairs with a stunning fireplace feature wall. The Feature wall is viewable from all three areas, serving a mesmerizing warmth every step taken. This design not only transformed a divided space into an upscale spacious masterpiece but provided space and a design catered towards the clients’ needs and wishes.

Through this project key elements were implemented into the design to ensure a cohesive masterpiece was formed. Look at the colour scheme for the design, and the thought process behind our choices. 

The inclusion of white, black, natural wood tones, chrome, and glass were all implemented throughout the design with the addition of coloured accessories to enhance and support the importance of the fireplace. 

I know you’re dying to find out more so let’s get right into our selection of colours and dive deep into the theory.

White- the colour white has been implemented throughout the house, specifically through the furniture and furnishings. The soft light-coloured furniture provides a great contrast between the feature wall and the surroundings.

Black- the colour black was implemented through the design and made the focus point. Embracing a bold colour and enhancing the metal from the fireplace solidified the design concept and transformed the space into a rather unique and original piece. The black compliments the light-toned engineered hardwood and light-coloured walls. The Feature wall viewed from the stairs and throughout is prepared and sprayed with the colour “Stoe Black”, which is a high-quality heat-resistant paint, ensuring a long-lasting design

Accent colours- Accent colours were incorporated into the design as a way of creating a seamless and cohesive design that flows with the fireplace feature wall. The accent colours are warm resembling the fire flames.

Light Natural Wood – The use of natural wood was implemented through the design flooring. A soft light rustic engineered hardwood with gorgeous groove details and burl effects ensures the designs full of texture. Providing just enough charm and character to the design and adding a perfect soft contrast between the feature wall and flooring 

This gorgeous fireplace by Napoleon does wonders to this space. The fireplace design features a stunning light Hardwood (engineered) flooring underneath. This Engineered flooring adds the perfect amount of colour contrast against the black fireplace and feature wall. The gorgeous groove detailing adding the perfect amount of charm and character to the home. The incorporation of glass, chrome and the selection of contrasting paints truly allow the handpicked products and overall design to speak for themselves.

With these elements, and materials the 3-view fireplace and feature wall create the space into a modern spacious masterpiece for the homeowners to enjoy and call their own.

Here’s a list of all the high-quality products used to create this spectacularly designed Multi-view fireplace dream!

-Ascent Multi-View Gas Fireplace by Napoleon: This stunning bold multi-view gas fireplace provides a beautiful feature to the home and the perfect amount of comfort, warmth, and division to the design.

-Heat Resistant Paint (Stoe Black): ensures a heatless passage and provides great protection to the surface and surroundings.

-Non-Combustible Material for Fireplace Frame: this specially built frame ensures a long-lasting design, with safety and practicality in mind. 

-Engineered Hardwood Flooring: this wood was added as we thought it complimented the fireplace colour and provided the perfect amount of contrast and texture to the overall design.

-Glass railing with chrome bar: This glass railing. with the additional chrome bar is to die for! These two pieces add the perfect addition to the overall concept and design, cohesively flowing with the design and complementing the beauty of the multi-view dream feature wall.

At Lifestyle Kitchen Boutique, quality has and never will be a customer’s concern. With the hand-picked selection of products and materials like the Ascent Multi-View Fireplace from Napoleon, this design is no exception.

The Multi-view Gas Fireplace by Napoleon is specially built on a non-combustible frame, where we’ve to place it 6″ from the wall, ensuring a heatless passage through the stairs and throughout the space. 

The fireplace is placed 18” from the floor and designed to ensure a perfect view from all angles, using state-of-the-art technology from working drawings- high resolution rendering each stage and item are custom-designed meticulously and carefully to ensure that each photo represents and portrays the best solution for space, ensuring you get what you pay for.

Lifestyle Kitchen Boutique embraces challenges and tackles them face on. Striving on friendly, welcoming customer service and high-quality products, with our 5-step process, your odd location or challenging interior can and will be transformed into a dream destination.

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