Bathroom Remodeling Services, Bathrooms have come a long way from being just a place for one’s daily ablutions. Modern Bathrooms are more of a personal Spa, where one can relax, de-stress and drain away from the day’s worries.

Bathroom Remodeling Services Oakville

The Bathrooms designed by our team at LifeStyle, include features like heated floors, Personal Bidets, Rain shower heads, Body Jets, Linear Drains for a modern sleek look, Custom Glass Showers, Steam Showers and smart controls with Ambient Lighting and Soothing music gives our discerning Customers that Ultimate Spa-like experience.

Bathroom Design Services Oakville

Right from the initial free consultation where we understand their needs and budgets, and brain-storm about the immense possibilities, through the entire Renovation process, Selection of Materials, doing multiple designs with new ideas, introducing them to our licensed trades, getting permits wherever necessary, setting timelines for each stage of work, and a Final Walk-through on completion to their satisfaction, we hold their hand to make the whole process Stress-Free and enjoyable!